Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm staying quite busy this week between work, life, and workshops and School of Ministry really kicking off tomorrow. (Yay!) That means lots of random writing projects and tying up lose ends for projects.

Here are a few things I'm currently interested in, doing, learning about, excited about, supporting, etc:

Creating yearbooks for my students. Since we're a small private school we don't do the normal yearbooks. I like what we do even better! Each month we make one craft as a class that incorporates the student's picture and put them all together in a book that literally keeps track of the student's growth and crafts or the year. I think it's such a clever way to preserve the art that would otherwise be easily lost.

Reading this blog. It's amazing to me how open and encouraging Bekah is about post-baby bodies. (Something I may or may not have been thinking about a bit these days....;) haha)

Craving cinnamon rolls!! B keeps encouraging me to make them too, despite a lack of time to bake this week, but I did find this recipe that I really want to try, and these ones which B has already tried and said were delicious!

Liking Doterra Essential Oils. I've recently been a skeptic of lots of things all natural since reading this book (which I highly suggest to anyone getting in to alternative medicines, very helpful for pros and cons), but I've been doing my research on this locally based company, and they seem pretty legit! I went to a class this week to learn more about them, purchased a book on pregnancy and essential oils to see if I could use them during labor in any way (since I guess I should start thinking about this stuff), and planned a class that I'm hosting at my house (if anyone if interested in coming, let me know!)  I got the Wild Orange oil at the class, and I'm interested in trying it in my natural cleaning supplies.

Watching this beautiful and moving video. Cry not to cry while watching!

So happy this is my Friday! I'm going to curl up with a book for the rest of the evening and hopefully see my hubby at some point. ;) Thursday are the busiest day of our week, and I honestly hate them, but I'm learning to find ways to keep myself busy during Thursday nights. Tonight that included working out and putting together yearbooks. God's providing lots of grace and energy to stay caught up on work during this second half of my pregnancy. I'm very thankful for productivity. :)



  1. xoxo

    Thanks so much girl <3

    Cinnamon Rolls are being craved here as well. :)

  2. Love the Yearbook idea. For Christmas, we got a calendar from Bethany that she made at school...twelve pieces of art to go along with each month. You can bet that we will keep that calendar long after 2013 is over, and your kids' parents will definitely love the yearbook!

  3. The yearbooks sound great... so much more personal.
    Cinnamon buns sound so good right now with some warm coffee.