Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hello! We've had quite the busy weekend around here. My parents decided to make a last minute trip to Utah from Colorado. My dad had surgery on his shoulder a few weeks ago, so he was tired of sitting around. My mom is starting a new job, and my brother goes back to school this week, so they decided it would be the last time in a while they could all make the trip. I was so, so excited! :) So we spent yesterday shopping for things for their new place and had dinner. Of course, my mom and I are doing the girly thing and going shopping today. :)

In the midst of our converstions yesterday, I mentioned wanting to find some maternity overalls. Brian's sweet cousin sent me a few, but I think my belly is going to expand a little more than they can hold. Ha! My mom and my husband gave me a strange look last night when I said I really wanted some. Buuuuut...they quicly changed their minds once I showed them these cute overalls! (I know everyone else out there probably thinks I'm crazy too. But I put the ones one that I have to clean the house in the other day and they were SO comfy!)

You can find these cute, green ones here.

My hubby said he wanted me to get them, so I'm pretty sure he likes them now. ;)

Anyways! Off to hang out with my momma! Hope you guys are having a fun weekend!


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