Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snow Day: Round Two

Even though the sun is out and it looks beautiful outside, I don't have the energy just yet to bundle up and go push all the snow off my car. So I'm staying inside for yet another day. 
I'm very particular about my morning routine. Coffee with half and half, Bible, notebook, prayer journal, bagel, cream cheese, prenatal vitamin, water, and Greek yogurt with chia seeds. Every morning. I love breakfast. :) Anyways, after all that is done, this is usually the pile of books and notebooks left on the table between B and I. I love this routine soooo much that I would rather have to get up two hours earlier if I have somewhere to be in the morning, and not feel rushed through my routine, than have to skip it.
What else do you do on a snow day? My mom and I were talking yesterday about how never in the seven or so years that I have lived here has there been a snow day. And never when we lived in Alaska and walked to school in the 20 below temps, along side moose (yes, this is true) did we ever have a snow day. And never in the harsh Pennsylvania winters did we have snow days. But now I've had two in a row, and I'm starting to not know what to do with myself.
So here is my list of things I've decided to do on this snowy day (after my morning routine, of course):
Pregnant Pilates: Ha! I have loooved these! A friend told me she did them through her whole pregnancy, and I figured I may as well do something to keep me in shape. I am so not good at working out, and I've honestly worked out more being pregnant than I have in a few years. But still, I don't do it as much as I should. Today, however, I did!
Clean the stove top: Boring housewife things like this usually include lots of white vinegar and baking soda to scrub off that boiled over alfredo sauce from last night.
Make Vegan Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies: I don't like carrot cake, but B does. So I wanted to make him a healthy, vegan snack. He isn't home yet, so I still don't know what the verdict is. ;) I did brave making my own ground flax for the first time for these though. Cleaning my coffee grinder to do it always seemed like such a hassle, but after trying at failing at grinding the flax seed in the food processor, I had to clean it. It actually wasn't too bad.


Once B gets home from work I'm going to see if he'll take me out to one of my favorite coffee shops in Ogden, Kaffe Mercantile. A littel birdy told me they are doing free scones with all their drinks this month, so I guesssss I could bundle up in a giant sweater for that. I also plan to get two nonsense pages (I'll explain these more later) written, and hopefully a poem will develop out of that. Then I plan to come home, light some candles, and cook up some dinner for us and some friends!  
I hope everyone else out there is enjoying their Saturday! :)

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