Saturday, March 30, 2013

A faithless gardener.

Look at what I found when I raked the leaves out of my garden this morning! :D They're a little mutilated from the rake because I didn't see the green beauties until I tore a few leaves apart.

I was so happy to see these little guys! I realized what little faith I had in anything coming back this year. It kind of reminded me of how God, in His good, good grace, empowers us to bear fruit in spite of ourselves. :) I transplanted an entire section of berries and herbs that I added to my garden last year, and I really feared any of it coming back. But they're doing what plants do best: growing! It looks like everything came back. I think I may have pulled up a few green onions by accident. Couldn't tell if they were weeds or not. ;)

Who would have thought these last few times I needed parsley I could have grabbed a few sprigs from my own garden? ;) I know this beautiful weather isn't going to last until the summer since Utah is so hormonal, but it was nice to see my garden getting a headstart even if I'm not.

Happy gardening, my friends! :)


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  1. Utah...hormonal! Lexy,that's the best Utah description ever!