Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring green.

I love it when an avocado looks that good. Lime green and muted yellow. They're finally in season! And that means it's finally getting a little warmer and sunnier! (Knock on wood...it's only March, so it's bound to snow some more.) This perfect little avocado was the icing on the cake today. I spent an hour outside with my students, and came home to make this yummy dinner. It called for some guac, so I got my avocado on! :) I'm so thankful for the 60's weather today brought. B and I are heading to SLC tomorrow afternoon to walk around the city a bit and get to know the place more. I can't wait to put on some capris and get some exercise in the warmth. Maybe I will be able to break out those marternity shorts! ;)

10 weeks left! Oh wow!! I'm not sure B and I realize just how soon that is. ;) We're taking our Childbirth Prep class this Saturday. Maybe then reality will set in a bit more? B said he had a dream he got to hang out with our little baby. I can't remember much of what he said about the dream, but I thought it was adorable. He knew our little guy had to go back in my tummy to finish out his time, but I guess he had fun hanging out with him. I still haven't dreamt about him. I was feeling bummed about how uncomfortable sleeping at night is with the extra tummy weight, and I ended up having a dream that I had to carry around a dalmatian instead of the baby. By the end of the dream I was so exhausted from carrying around the little black and white bum that I was begging for the baby weight to come back. haha So weird!

Anyways, the dinner timer just went off! Time to chow down with my babe!


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