Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A nest.

It seems like that's what I'm building when I consider all the fabric and string scarps I'm pulling from around the house for this little boy's nursery. Oh, and the feathers. I had to actually stop myself from buying moss yesterday. haha Thanks to your prayers and encouraging words, I truly felt a difference at work yesterday. Part of it was also just voicing my need for more help, and my wonderful aids came to the rescue as usual. And now I'll be home for most of the rest of the week, and I can feel my momma mode kicking into high gear. I've been staying up a little later than usual making things, and actually taking steps to get organized with his room.

I'm making a few banners to hang on the ceiling over the crib, coming out from one of the corners. Some of the fabric I'm using are actually vintage crib sheets I snagged several years ago because I liked the print so much. I found myself having to really think about boy colors while making these. "Oh, pink flowers..what shades of pink should I put with this one?" No, no, no, Lexy! Blue! You're having a little boy. haha I've got to retrain my girlish thinking habits.

We got a big package in the mail last week and opened it up to find this beauty! B's cousins from Tacoma sent it to us. One of them drew it by hand. It's a one of a kind. I love it, as I love all sorts of butterfly or bug prints. haha As long as we have space in the nursery, I plan on hanging this up. :)

Alright, well there are a few peeks at what I've been working on this week. :) Keep me and baby boy in your prayers!


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