Friday, March 15, 2013

Only the two of us could enjoy a date to the library so much.

On Wednesday, B and I ventured down to Salt Lake City to get some fresh air. Our goal was to walk around the city and get to know it a little better, but for a pregnant lady that's kind of hard....because you have to use the potty every few minutes and it's hard to find public restrooms. :) So we stayed close to the city building and the library.

Yes, here is pregnant me in the city building bathroom. I was soooo thankful to see a sign reading "WOMEN'S." After that we picnicked in the park. Or...B picnicked. I think I've hit that stage in pregnancy where I'm not as hungry anymore. I NEVER thought that would happen...but I could literally live off of spinach and fruit smoothies and hummus (although, I know baby needs more than that).
This was hardcore picnicking on a budget. We have always loved to picnic, but I was totally out of all staples for picnicking and we were at the end of the pay period. I got creative. :) It's more fun that way anyways!! Peanut butter sandwich for B, egg salad for me (he hates egg salad), yummy banana bread, chips, salsa, hummus, carrots and celery sticks, applesauce, gummies for B (haha...I spoil him...), and I can't remember what else. This was the most random picnic ever. :) Then we walked over to the library.
We really explored the place this time. Usually we find a chair and plop ourselves down with a warm coffee and a book, but our purpose this time was really to explore. We found this super, duper cool door that simply leads to a giant room overlooking the awesome kids section. It was literally a staircase from the outside of one floor to the other....overlooking this....
How cool is that!? I bet more people would read if we had more awesome libraries like this. Complete with inside mini malls/gift shops and places to eat like this...

They also had a whole section of these Zines. They're like chapbooks, or handmade mini literary magazines. They gave me some ideas for things to do with my poems and smash booking.

Well, I'm off to make my favorite cobbler! :) The weather has been so beautiful that I can't help but cook with the windows open any spare second I get!!



  1. I love the City library! The kid area is sweet. when my kids are able to read we are going to make more trips there for sure - now they just climb around in the attic area and love looking at the waterfalls. The teen space is cool too. I love the little shops. - we should go together sometime.

  2. We totally should!! :) Since I will soon have a baby it could totally be a baby date ;)