Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonight, around my table.

While the husband's away...working and providing like he does so well....the wifey is home, working. And catching up on some reading. :)

Yes, there it is, the much controversial Hypnobirthing book.

I will say two things: First, I enjoy reading and learning. That's just who God made me. I read almost everything I can get my hands on. I know for a fact I would research Hypnobirthing on my own time even if I wasn't pregnant because I find it interesting. Just because I have this book, and am reading it, doesn't mean I'm doing hypnobirthing (at this point, I still have no clue what it means), but just because I'm saying that doesn't mean I may not incorporate it or go with some of their exercises, if I choose to go that route.

Second, I could care less about a "birth plan." Now that it's actually coming down to it, I care so much less about how this baby gets out of me, as long as it's healthy and breathing, than I thought I ever would. I'm much more worried about a life plan of raising with little boy in the Lord beside my hubby than I am about the first few moments of how it entered this world. I'm seeing my weaknesses and insufficiencies in myself, as well as my absolute need to depend on Christ more and more to raise this child in a God honoring way.

So, epidural, no epidural, all natural-smatchual...I trust God will provide wisdom through my doctor and my husband to help me make these decisions. But in my down time, I am choosing to read up and educate myself. And, like I said before, I truly enjoy learning about this stuff.

Paired with my reading tonight is a cup of hot mint tea. I'm really trying to avoid peppermint since reading this, but I diffused some rose oil in my humidifier tonight and it really made my tummy upset, so I'm hoping the mint will settle it. I'm also snacking on this delicious strawberry yogurt cake. I found a rockin' deal on strawberries this week (1.48 per pound!) and I couldn't pass them up!

Alrighty, well I'm out! I hope you guys have fun catching up on your reading and nightly activities as well! :)

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  1. I have heard soo much about this book and actually wish I had read it when I was pregnant. I gave birth to my baby girl 5 weeks ago and I can say honestly that when I was in labor my birth plan went totally out the window and all I wanted was my baby to be out and healthy!
    I think it's great to be educated on the different birth options available though.

    Between the lines