Thursday, February 14, 2013

A moment to gush...

I like today, Valentine's Day, simply because it's a day to privately (or publically) gush about how awesome my husband is. We've never really been huge Valentine's Day people. I think this may actually be the first year we're going out ON Valentine's Day. We've always worked in the past at jobs where we couldn't get off, so this is the first time we're going out with a big group of friends. We could all use a little dinner getaway to SLC. I'm excited. As long as I have a full tummy, I'm a happy and thankful girl.

I came home from work a little while ago and this sweet little love note was sitting on our kitchen table. sigh What a sweetie...he's always been so good at leaving me little notes everywhere, and since I'm truly a hopeless romantic, I looooooooooooooooooooooove it! (Speaking of hopeless romantics, have any of you poetry lovers out there seen Bright Star? That's a true Valentine's Day movie. A little on  the depressing side, but every good story has to have a dark side.)
Anyways, I always write B a little Valentine's note. I love writing, so writing him love letters is awesome. Some years I've made him Valentines. One year I even made him a good old Valentine's Day show box full of notes. He still has it. He says it was one of his favorites. It's up in his closet. :)
So I'm taking this chance to publically honor my hubby and tell you how lucky I am. :) Because I really am, and I know I don't deserve it one bit, especially after all the pregnancy fits he's put up with the last few days. (Crying and screaming in to pillows, not filtering my thoughts before I speak, being a meanie-head, etc). He has always, always, always been patient with me and continues to grow in that every day. One thing I recently read in a book was that God gives us our husbands as a form of protection. I am sooooo thankful that I have B as my protection and he is very good at his job! :) He is such a hard worker and I'm always blown away at his willingness to serve. Believe me, he complains a whoooole lot less than I do. I have so much to learn from him.
I already told him this this morning, so I'm thinking it's ok to share with you guys. So far, I think pregnancy has been the best part of our marriage simply because I have fallen in love with him soooo much more as I've watched God grow and prepare him to be a daddy. I loooove it!! It's definitely a sexy thing. I can't explain it. haha So I'll just stop there. But I will keep on having his babies if it means watching him be a dad over and over again. I just love it!! I really can't wait to see him with this little guy. :) 

Love you, b.


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