Thursday, October 24, 2013

One blessed baby.

You know what I realized today while walking around the library with my sweet boys?

Ari has something half the kids around the world don't have. He's blessed in a way that lots of little boys aren't.

He gets to live under the same roof as his daddy. And, even better, his daddy is still married to his mom.

I have no idea the of the full impact our relationship as present parents and our marriage makes on this kid. I think God is the only one that truly gets the importance since He designed us that way. I totally understand that God works in spite of broken families, acting as a perfect heavenly Father to children who never get to see their father. But man, what a special blessing God has already poured out on Ari by giving him to a family living together under one roof, while attempting to glorify Him. I feel very thankful for this today. Thank you, B, for sticking it out with us. ;) We love you, daddy!


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